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Except For You

MWD ©SRu 1-536-197

Except For You

Except For You
Words and Music by: Mark W Douglas 10/24/05 & 10/30/05
©SRu 1-536-197

Don’t say we’re through Just cause you feel that way
It’s not from you And I had a debt to pay

Everyone knows my name except for you
And I could say it’s all the same Except for you, you, Except for you

You’re almost there I need you for something good
And it’s not about you I just want you here with me

Bridge: 2X
And they know my name is Jesus
And they speak my name Jesus

Will you give me the lead Make me everything
Trust in your heart And acknowledge me

And they know my name, Except for you
And they speak my name,Except for you

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