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Church Prep Ad / Revenue Pledge

Specifically concerning my Church Prep material, it’s my conviction that there is no place for capitalism in Christianity. A basic tenant of my Christian music and this Church Prep show is that I’ll offer everything at no cost. All released Church Prep song mp3’s and lyric sheets will be available for FREE-download on this website,

Church Prep will be free from paywalls, private VIP subscriptions, *commercials, or whatever else you can imagine. Any revenue will come from donations. To this point, this show has been 100% funded by yours truly. Also, I’m the director, producer, writer, camera man, sound engineer, cinematographer, wardrobe, set designer and coffee maker for this show. Church Prep will follow very basic and simple logic: Salvation and Discipleship are not for sale.


  • Be advised, I don’t ever plan to upload my Christian songs to platforms like Spotify or iTunes. These systems are set up to pay artists based on listens and downloads from paying subscribers / customers. Although it seems like a more convenient way for listeners to support me, I refuse to charge a price for my Christian material or allow a company to do the charging on my behalf via music service subscriptions. 

  • *I'll try my best to keep these LIVE shows and replays free of commercials. The only way this plan will be altered would come from the platforms themselves, forcing commercials onto my content, even through my objection. For example, this is precisely what Dailymotion has done in the past to qualified, self-demonetized creators who’ve taken the ad-free-pledge. Keep in mind there are bound to be nuances to ads being run over my copyrighted content and objection. For example, I can’t de-monetize myself on YouTube until I’ve qualified to become monetized. Of course my plan is to de-monetize all videos immediately upon becoming qualified. But up until then, ads may run.

In advance, thank you for your prayers and financial support considerations. Although I currently have a full time job my goal is to write and produce this show with a full time, no-distraction effort. With your generous and consistent financial support I'm hoping to inch my way to that place. 

To God be the glory,

Mark W Douglas

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