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Christmastime Is Here

MWD ©SRu 1-536-197

Christmastime Is Here

Christmastime Is Here
Words and Music by Mark W. Douglas
©SRu 1-536-197

Christmas has come Time to celebrate the day
When Christ was born
Christmas has comeIn our hearts we recognize
Our world and family

And the drummer boy Plays his drum (Parum Pum Pum)
The Mariachi band Sings their song (Hey, Hey)
(Oh)Can you hear The bells Ring around the world
Christmastime is here Bringing laughter, hope Love and cheer
(Christmastime, Christmastime)

Christmas has come Toys for all the boys and girls
Jesus loves the children
Christmas has come We open up our hearts
To the poor and needy we give, with joyful hymn

Christmas has come Time to meditate and pray
For peace and understanding
Christmas has come In every corner of the world
Holding hands We shout our Blessings

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