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Adonai (Wash It Away)

MWD ©SRu 1-536-197

Adonai (Wash It Away)

Adonai (Wash It Away)
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 9/25/05, 3/9/23
©SRu 1-536-197

Adonai will You look into my eyes
And wash it away wash it away
Adonai take the Sin from my life
And wash it away Wash it away

1st Vs.
Save me from me That’s what I wanna pray sometimes when I
Can’t pull it together on my own
I’m not afraid I just wanna serve you Lord but I
Can’t pull it together on my own

1st Pre-Chorus:
Yea You may let this baby cry But you hear me every time

Oh yes, I'm a sinner Prideful and bitter I need help for Gluttony, lust and self-control
Without controversy I Live to be worldly I talk fine lines I know it's wrong but I'm
Wake me when it's over When I'm sober Adonai, Adonai, Adonai

2nd Vs.
I need you more But all I ever do is take, and I
Can't put it together on my own
I self-indulge Distraction from your promises, I still
Can't put it together on my own

2nd Pre-Chorus:
Yeah You keep calling faithfully And I hear you every time

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