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Out Of The Rain

MWD ©SRu 1-535-390

Out Of The Rain
Words and Music By: Mark W Douglas
©SRu 1-535-390

Hey now won’t you come Out of the rain tonight
And let me shelter you
It’s cold and you’re alone Hey what you fighting for
The love you want to find is right here

Headed down to Georgia One Saturday night
Two old friends stole a case of beer We were looking for a fight
And who am I is what I was screaming to myself
As I felt the whole world fall down

And what if I’d had (taken) the time to listen?
To hear the voice and have an ear to listen?

And I couldn’t believe my ears
The day you told me,"drugsgives peace, and theybring me closerto God"
Well we’ve all made mistakes And sometimes wondering what we
Are, forgetting who He is

But what you couldn’t know then is what you do know now
You’re takin’ the time to listen You hear the voice You have an ear to listen

The love you're lookin’ for
Is right here It's right here It's right here

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