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Christ Inside My Head

MWD ©SRu 1-535-390

Christ Inside My Head
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 2/14/23
©SRu 1-535-390

1st Vs.
Jesus came to save I heard my daddy say
Then he bowed his head to pray
And down on bended knee He prayed for all our needs
Silence from his lips He was talking in his head

1st Pre-chorus:
And I remember daddy in the kitchen with his selves rolled up
Talkin’ bout Jesus And I remember I remember what he said

Christ inside my head Wants to be my friend
And when I need the love Of the Father above
I talk to Christ, inside my head

2nd Vs.
Christ called my name today And all I did was pray
Please come into me today
And while I was on my feet I felt my knees get week
The God of the universe Well he got a hold of me

2nd Pre-chorus:
And I remember daddy, the kitchen, the love of a father
And be not afraid Cause there's a friend in Jesus
I can still hear my daddy say

And sometimes I am weak And you speak for me
Lord knows I'm a work in progress Just ask, anybody
And I have a father A heavenly father
He's my mediator And our Salvation
He's Christ inside my head Ewww

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