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All A Man Can Be

MWD ©SRu 1-535-390

All A Man Can Be
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 2/19/23
©SRu 1-535-390

1st and 3rd Vs.
(I) Fell in love with you (It was the) Best thing that I ever did and you So true
It wasn't hard to do You say that you love me, say that you love me too
I wanna give my love (life) to you

2nd Vs.
You know just what I need Any time, any place it's free Your no string giving
And you say I'm always on your mind Oh how you love me, with you it's not hard to believe
That you'd give your life for me

There's just one thing that you should know

You are the one You're the only one
I live my life for you Ewww You know it's true
You are the one You’re the only one
I give my life to you Ewww And I love you
It’s your love that amazes me You make me all a man can be

Christian Bridge:
And your eyes saw me
When in the secret place
I was made, wonderfully
So search me And know my heart
Till I can be all a man can be (to 3rd Vs.)

Wedding Bridge:
And you speak to me
With Love and Honesty
You see me, wonderfully
So come to me and take my hand
So I can be all a man can be (to 3rd Vs.)

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