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Slow Down

MWD ©SRu 1-528-201

Slow Down
Words and Music by: Mark W Douglas

1st Vs.
For someone who runs in every direction, you sure seem sure of yourself
Kinda like a cannon ball, just a very arranged mess, and that’s a fact
You kinda remind me, of me, and the funny thing is that’s how
I used to be

Chorus: (2X)
(If we could) Slow Down, Slow Down, Slow Down

2nd Vs.
Here’s a toast from yours truly, you’ve done everything in the world
Just about a half a mile, turn right, and you have arrived
You kinda remind me, of me, before I felt my knees
Where I need to be (to Chorus, then Bridge)

Walking in the wrong direction Your not alone
The gate is wide for this deception Follow along
Your neighbors fault won’t be protection From right and wrong
Slow down

3rd Vs.
There’s a box blaring nothing and a Book in the corner
A thought for the family, a long time ago
There’s a moment you missed, just a second ago, it was yours to have with you
And your not giving nothing, when the well is empty and your not thirsty

4th Vs.
The moment your missing is there, in the dead of silence
Put your hand to chest and feel the beat, you have been made complete
And every breath to breath, for you, for me
Is a gift to pray, a name to praise, a seed to preach

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