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Palm Of Your Hand

MWD ©SRu 1-528-201

Palm Of Your Hand
Words and music by: Mark Douglas 12-2-22 + 12/13/22

1st Verse:
Ask and it will be given
Seek and you shall find
Knock and the door will be, open to you
He is waiting To hear from you

Hold me in the palm of your hand
(When) I am weak (and)(there) you (you) are strong (so strong)
Hold me in the palm of your hand
Change in me for the world to see

2nd Verse:
What do you have to give
Have you any faith
That His words will not return void
And don’t you know He’s waiting, So patiently waiting for you

But just like sheep in the fold
Don’t know which way to go
Ohhh, To be complete, yet so unique
He just wants to hear you say

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