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One, Two, Three, Four

MWD ©SRu 1-528-201

One, Two, Three, Four
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 12/1/22+12/13/22
1st Vs.
The bad wolf is at the door Trying to make you think
That your alone and that's what makes you weak
Well I want you to know A lie is where he makes his home
Just call upon my name and I will come

Here my child I won’t let you fall
You’re not alone No you’re not alone

One two three four Leave all your troubles at the door
And tell me of a place you wanna run to
Cause I wanna take you where The sun shines bright and I'll be there
To hold you in my arms forever (Forever )

2nd Vs.
You've tried everything you know For happiness and peace
But the voices in you head are hard to cease
The Lord says in him we have Redemption through the blood he shed
The peace of god is waiting, hear what he says He's sayin'

In my arms In my arms
In my arms Forever
In my arms In my arms
In my arms For-ever to-gether what-ever the weather
Owww! Ohhh! Count em,

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