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I Am The Way

MWD ©SRu 1-528-201

I Am The Way | Words and Music by: Mark W Douglas 2/18/05, 12/1/22
1st Vs.
We’ve made mistakes We’ve had some breaks
I’ve burned it down You’ve lost and found We came around
I’ve made demands You took your stands
And through the years We’ve dried our tears and come around

And if it wasn’t for the love he shared
And if it wasn’t for his peace and care
We would not have had the hope
That he gave us when he spoke
I am the way

2nd Vs.
I said I do You said it’s true
We came to be Two on a team We came around

Bridge: (3 times)
And (Yeah) (Oh) I was singing, He is the way
And you were singing, He is the truth
And we were singing He is the light He is the way

3rd Vs.
I am the way, I read to you I am the truth, you read to me
I am the life I am the light I am the way

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