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MWD ©SRu 1-526-018


Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 9/29/01, 10/31/22
©SRu 1-526-018

1st Vs:
If you are thirsty come unto me If you are hungry come unto me

If you call my name you will see
I’ll (I'd) give anything if you believe

(That) I alone am your protector
I alone am your guide
I alone will give you the strength you need to come on home
If you believe Will you believe?

2nd Vs:
Are you needing shelter? Come unto me
The broken and weary, come unto me

Believe, Believe in a higher power that takes away the sin of the world
Do you believe, will you believe?

3rd Vs:
If you have a burden, give it to me If you want forgiveness, ask it of me

If you believe do you believe?
If you believe Believe

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