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Psalms 136

MWD ©SRu 1-522-827

Psalms 136

Psalms 136
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas 3/3/02
©SRu 1-522-827

1 Vs.
Give thanks to the Lord For He is good
Give thanks to the God Of Gods
Give thanks to the Lord The Lord of Lords
Give thanks to the God Of Heaven

His Love endures forever
Forever Forever

2 Vs.
To Him who alone Made the Heavens
Who spread out the Earth Upon the waters
The sun for the day And the moon and stars at night
To who provides the food To every creature

3 Vs.
To him who alone Is leading us through the desert
The One who remembers Our low estate
His mighty and outstretched hand Dividing that sea asunder
Bringing us through the midst Of our enemies

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