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Eternal Sunshine

MWD ©SRu 1-522-827

Eternal Sunshine

Eternal Sunshine
Words and music by: Mark Douglas 9/4/06
©SRu 1-522-827

1 Vs. (POV: God)
How does it feel Lost away, forever in your eyes
Hidden inside your mind
How do you know me When did you start to believe
Believe in eternal, sunshine

You who know me, take the day and
Make the most of the night
Throw Your love in too
Show that mercy, freely given
And see my work justified
In Your eternal sunshine

2 Vs. (POV: Man)
There was a road I journeyed, An endless creation of You
For learning, for Love
Taken apart I could see clear from the start
I believe in eternal, sunshine

3 Vs. (POV: Man)
Teach me the song Of grace, the one of redemption and Love
Serving the servants’ friends
That’s where we’ll go Learning to follow, taste the divine
A piece of eternal, sunshine

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