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Abba Father

MWD ©SRu 1-522-827

Abba Father

Abba Father
Words and Music By: Mark Douglas 10/28/22
©SRu 1-522-827

Vs. 1
I lay me down I praise the crown
I say a prayer While casting every, Care

Abba Father Abba Father
Abba Father Abba Father (3rd time: Father, Father, Father)
(to chorus)
You show me Love
An unbelievable Love
Agape Love
With everything That’s how You love

Vs. 2
We hold our hands We take a knee
I promise You And You of course You, Promise Me

I am that I am and He who is is living in me
Beginning and the end The Alpha and The Omega
The only Son of God Jesus Christ of Virgin Mary
I pray and praise to Him Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Vs. 3
I take a stand I make a plan
I share the word To all the world

Last Chorus add-on:
Everything That's how You love
Oh, Everything That's how You love (to Outro)

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