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MWD, songwriter

My name is Mark W Douglas

I'm a songwriter who's currently (beginning 10/1/2023) releasing one original Christian song per week via a LIVE internet concert series called, 'Church Prep.' I aim to do just that, prepare you for the Word of the Lord, presented at your personal church. These concerts happen M, W & F at 8 PM ET, and Sunday at 8 AM. This series contains 120 pre-copyrighted songs. I plan to release a minimum of 40 songs per year, making this a three year project. Download free mp3's and lyric sheets right here on this site.

Please follow / subscribe, get notified when I go LIVE, and share the show with a friend, fellow church-goer, Sunday School teacher and pastor. 

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Church Song Sheets

Church Prep w/ MWD

a LIVE internet concert series preparing you for Church
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  • Monday's 8 PM show is called Monday Drumroll. I'll introduce the *SOTW's title and lyrics. (*Song of the Week) (w/LIVE audience interaction)

  • Wednesday's 8 PM show is called Wednesday Drumroll. I'll introduce the SOTW's backstory. (w/LIVE audience interaction)

  • Friday's 8 PM show is called Friday Drumroll. I'll discuss the SOTW's Biblical connections. (w/LIVE audience interaction)

  • Sunday's 8 AM show is called 'Sunday Jam.' It's a 15-song concert as you prepare for going to church. (no audience interaction)

Will you please join me? I'd absolutely love for you to listen, be challenged, be blessed, and share this with your friends, family and neighbors. 

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