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Romans 10

MWD ©SRu 1-522-827

Romans 10

Romans 10
Words and Music by: Mark Douglas
©SRu 1-522-827

Intro and Outro:
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

1st Vs.
It’s my desire that you be saved Submitting to his righteousness
He is Christ, His perfection
Is the end of the law cause He came for us all and
You don’t need to go to the grave to find Him
With your heart, you speak, He saves

And if you, wanna live, forever with Him
You must, believe, and call out His name
Before men, confess, that He is your God
For He was, and He is, and forevermore shall be

And if you confess with your mouth And believe in your heart
He was raised from the dead If you call on the name of the Lord
You will be saved, (Yeah)

2nd Vs.
To live is Christ, and to die is gain And we live because of Grace
He is God and He loves you If you will only believe
You won’t perish from the sin that has taken us over
He promised life everlasting

You say "Jesus, I believe, You died for my sin.
And I confess with my mouth, that You are my King, oh
That You rose, from the dead, so please remember me, oh
In Your Kingdom write my name, in The Book Of Life and set me free."

Outro Chorus:
He is Christ the Son of the living God
And He reigns with the father in heaven
He has gone to prepare a place for me
And will return in glory and majesty, Yeah, Yeah (to Outro)

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